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Tūranga Wātea


Short-term positions are available annually for registered and student teachers to work with our team.

Opportunities for Teacher Researchers to work with us in 2024 have closed. Please join our mailing list to receive details of future vacancies - see details below.

Teacher Researchers

Teacher Researchers are a vital part of our team. They do the important work of traveling from school to school, in pairs, to collect achievement information. They work with small groups of students on a variety of assessment tasks. These include rich curriculum tasks, computer based tasks, paper and pencil assessments, performance activities, interviews and questionnaires. The tasks are engaging and students enjoy working with our team.

Each year we focus on different learning areas and we aim to recruit teachers with relevant strengths.

Teacher Researchers value the experience of working with us and enjoy visiting a range of schools. Many find the experience is a rewarding opportunity for professional development.

Teacher Researchers generally join us for ten weeks during Term 3 of the school year. Their engagement begins with a five-day training programme. They work within their home region as much as possible, but travel is often required and we make all the arrangements needed. Teachers are either seconded to us from their current employer, or employed on fixed-term contracts.

Teacher Markers

Marking for the 2024 programme will take place throughout October. Check back here later for further details.

Student Markers

Marking for the 2024 programme will take place throughout October and November. Check back here later for further details.