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Science Assessment Toolkit

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A new science toolkit for teachers of Year 7 and 8 students
A new science toolkit designed to assist teachers to assess, understand, and support Year 7 and 8 students’ learning in science is available now through the NMSSA website. With this toolkit schools can
use the NMSSA Science Capabilities Scale (SC) to assess students in relation to levels
in the New Zealand Curriculum
identify aspects of the science learning area that each student does or does not understand
find teaching and learning activities to address identified areas of need
monitor student progress over time.
Science resources based on findings from NMSSA
The resources are based on findings from NMSSA’s assessment of science at Year 4 and Year 8 and have been developed with the support of the Ministry of Education.
Science guide for teachers
The science guide for teachers is a series of posters with ideas that teachers can use to support their students’ science learning at curriculum levels 1 to 4+. Each poster focuses on a curriculum level and describes one or more of the science capabilities students are developing, why these capabilities are important, and the kinds of learning experiences that can help them progress.

Science guide for teachers ~ PDF


Science in the New Zealand Curriculum: Understanding progress from levels 2 to 4

This resource takes information and data from the National Monitoring Study of Student Achievement (NMSSA) science assessments and uses them to create indicators of progress
in the science capabilities.

Science in the NZ Curriculum: Understanding progress from level 2 to 4 ~ PDF

What children are learning in Science: A guide for whānau

This colourful resource provides information for families and whānau about what children are learning in science at curriculum levels 1 to 4+. It provides examples of the kinds of capabilities children are developing in science, explains why they are important, and gives ideas of what families and whānau can do with their child to support what they are learning at school. The resource can be displayed as a series of posters or printed as a small booklet.

What children are learning in Science: A guide for whānau ~ PDF

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