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Aronuitia te reo

A te reo Māori resource based on findings from NMSSA

Aronuitia te reo is a resource designed to assist teachers and/or schools who are early in their reo Māori teaching and learning journeys. This resource is intended to help with strengthening the provision of reo Māori learning opportunities. The original Aronuitia te reo resource deck is made up of three sets (Whakamahia, Whakaarohia, and Whakarauorahia) and is based on findings from NMSSA’s 2016 Learning Languages study. This involved students in Year 4 and Year 8 in English-medium state and state-integrated schools. A new set, Whakamanahia, has recently been developed. It is built around findings from both the 2016 and 2021 NMSSA Learning Languages studies. Whakamanahia is intended to be used in conjunction with the original Aronuitia te reo resource deck and schools are encouraged to begin by exploring the three sets in the original resource. All four Aronuitia te reo sets have been developed with the support of the Ministry of Education and are available to download for free.

Explore each individual card set