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Haere mai, welcome to the National Monitoring Study of Student Achievement

National Monitoring
Study of Student

NMSSA Brochure

NMSSA Brochure ~ PDF

Principles & Method
The Principles and Intentions
Trustworthy information
to help both those involved in education and the general public to make informed judgments about educational outcomes.
Focus on two year levels
  year 4 (age 8–9) and year 8 (age 12–13).
Focus on national growth in achievement over time
  National monitoring does not produce information about individual students, teachers or schools.
Recognises and takes full account of identity, language and culture
  There is focus on reporting on progress for key population groups of Mãori and Pasifika students, and students with special education needs.
Assessing a broad range of achievements
  A broad range of knowledge, skills, key competencies, literacy and numeracy, as included in the New Zealand Curriculum, are assessed.
Understanding students’ achievement
  As well as achievement data, the study collects information about motivation and attitudes, learning experiences and learning environments, from students, teachers and principals.
Involving practising teachers
  Teachers are involved in the development, trialling and administration of tasks, and in the marking of student responses.
Best assessment practices
  The best of existing assessment practices in our schools are used in the choice and design of assessment tasks.
Information used for improvement
  National monitoring provides information to assist policy makers and teachers to plan for greater achievement and success for all learners.

The Method
200 schools are randomly selected to take part in national monitoring each year. In each school up to 25 students are selected to take part in the assessment programme With the support of trained teacher assessors, students work on tasks in three different ways:
Paper-and-pencil assessments and questionnaires about their learning experiences.
Performance tasks (independently and in groups of four).
Interview tasks, video-taped to enable detailed analysis.

Core Project Staff
Management Team
  Sharon Young - Co-Director (EARU) Programme Manager (NMSSA)
Charles Darr - NZCER
Lynette Jones - Project/ Operations Manager
  Alison Gilmore
Charles Darr
Hilary Ferral
Mustafa Asil
Jess Mazengarb
  Sharon Young
Alison Gilmore - Research Analyst
Jane White
NZCER curriculum specialists (depending on learning area)
Programme Support
  Linda Jenkins - Project Support Officer
James "Cable" Rae - Digital Platforms & Equipment
Lee Baker - Project Support Assistant
Eliza Stevens - Administration, NZCER
Fiona Rae - Administration
Sarah Boyd - Communications re reporting assessment results
External Advisors
  Jeffrey Smith - University of Otago
Marama Pohatu - Te Rangatahi Ltd

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