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2018 NMSSA Brochure

NMSSA Brochure ~

Vacancies: Student Marker Application
Application for Dunedin based Student Markers 15th October - 9th November 2018
(finishing date dependent on work available)

First Name: Surname:
Home address & details No: Street: Suburb:
Town/City: Postcode:
Home phone: Email:
Cellphone:   (please do not use a
hotmail email address)
No. years teacher training: (or full-time equivalent)
Have you been convicted or discharged without conviction as a result of criminal charges in New Zealand (excluding those convictions protected from disclosure by the Criminal Records [Clean Slate] Act 2004) or any other country?
Are there any charges pending against you?
Have you any injury or medical condition which may affect your ability to effectively and safely carry out the functions and responsibilities of this position?
APPLICATION STATEMENT: Please give summary notes to support your application. Your notes should address the job description and person specification.
VERIFICATION OF STATEMENT: Provide details below for a college lecturer who we can contact to verify your application.
Name: Position:
Workplace: Phone:
I verify the details of this application to be true.
Your Name: Today's date:
A confirmation email will be sent upon submission.
Please submit your application by Wednesday 19th September 2018

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